Q : Will your vehicle manage 6 people with 1 case of luggage each?
A : No!, unfortunately the "7" seat MPV we use is designed to offer either ample space for 7 cases or room for 5 people/approx. with 5 cases only.

Q : Our party comprises of 5 people (1 case each) including "buggy" and "child seat". Can your vehicle manage this number?
A : Yes...We have a roof-box but if their are any large cases amongst the 5 carried then unfortunately  your party requires a mini-bus.

Q : When 2 flights arrive within 1 hour of each other eg. Mr Scott arrives at 1930 hrs and Mr Jones arrives at 2010 hrs, Do we share your vehicle? assuming the "7" seat MPV would collect us all.
A : Our "4" seat vehicle would take Mr Jones home. We provide "exclusive" 1 booking/ 1 vehicle hire.

: Taxi firms often provide a vehicle at short notice. Can you cover for short notice hires?
: No! 80% of hires involve airport work, we work on a 1st come 1st served basis, we prefer at least 3 days notice please.

: How costly is the hire overnight? eg. 0445 hrs pick up.
: Collect overnight (2330-0500 hrs) hire will cost more, Only £7.00 more (1 way).

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Please Note
Airports: Maximum of 5 people + Luggages, child seatc etc.
Arrivals/Aiports (Return Pick-Up): We allow up to 60 minutes for luggage retrieval etc.
A late arrival/delay at Passport Control: Should our parking stretch to more than 1 hour, the extra cost (1 hour @ £5.00) may be added to your return tariff.